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Buyers, Sellers, Professionals.... look no further…. you will be in good hands with the registered, certified & insured AS SEEN Inspection Inc services, who offer many types of residential home inspections, such as:

Pre-Purchase, Listing and Pre-Sale - all around HRM & the surrounding area.

AS SEEN is a partner of Canadian InspectR group, so we can utilize other professional Inspection QUALIFIED partners as required for other additional inspections or tests, such as WETT, RADON, THERMAL IMAGING, WATER, SEWAGE, ASBESTOS or MOLD.

Every home.... old & brand new alike....have a story.

AS SEEN can tell you yours.

All dwellings may have different issues or may require fixes (some to suit your specific needs). AS SEEN can relay these issues in easy to understand terms. AS SEEN can take the fear out of an inspection by keeping the issues in perspective while thoroughly explaining the repairs needed, no matter how big or small.

AS SEEN offers one-on-one ‘professional consulting’ – providing you with a same-day electronic report detailing the existing dwelling and visual examination condition. You can then provide reassurance to any professional investor, insurance provider or financial institution involved in your realty process.

AS SEEN is a small personal business owner who believes, participates (FRABA member) & lives in a community just like yours.

AS SEEN is a registered with BROOKFIELD to assist in your government relocation services.

Secure your informed decision for Peace Of Mind and Home Knowledge - by obtaining an independent AS SEEN property/dwelling ‘condition’ inspection on your residence by a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI).

Call Ken at AS SEEN for your inspection... remember - “an ounce of prevention [inspection] is worth a pound of cure”.

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